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Tim Wright - owner of God-Centered Wealth Hello. My name is Tim Wright. Welcome to God-Centered Wealth.

First of all, thank you for your interest in learning more about having a God-centered home-based business.

If you’re reading this, there are two things that are probably true about you. One is that you want to keep God at the center of your life and, secondly, you’re looking for an honest business you can do working from home or on the internet.

And, if you’re like me, you’ve probably been ripped off more than once or twice on the internet and you’re sick and tired of all of the scams and rip-off artists taking advantage of honest people who are looking for a way to earn some extra money.

One of the reasons I started this website was to create a resource for people who love God and who are also interested in making money on the internet.  This is why we called it “God-Centered” wealth.

In my experience, people who are “God-centered” are typically … though not always … more honest, more hard-working and have more integrity than people who do not believe that they are accountable to a higher power.

While my wife and I are both Christians, we do not assume that everyone who comes here will also be Christian, nor do we require people to share our faith or to agree to any kind of “statement of faith” in order to partner with us.

Being Christian is simply who we are. Our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the absolute center of our lives and this very real relationship feeds our souls and our spirits with a deep sense of purpose, hope and the comfort of knowing that our Father. God’s love for us has literally changed us forever.

Let me also say what this website is NOT.

It is NOT a place to debate theological issues. While our faith is central to everything we do, the purpose of this website is not to evangelize or proselytize or any other kind of “ize” that focuses on differences of understanding about who God is and which denomination or religion is “right.”

My focus is centered on two truths that Jesus taught:

1. Love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, etc.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus said that everything else is built on these first two.

Some of the things that WILL be discussed on this website are some of the universal principles that God has built into the universe.

For example, the Bible says to “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”

One of my goals is to keep God first and at the center of everything I do.

I truly believe that God wants us to prosper and to use our wealth for His glory.  There is nothing “spiritual” about poverty. In fact, most of the time, poverty is depicted in the Bible as a “curse.”

God does NOT say that money is evil.  He does say that the LOVE of money is evil.

ANYTHING … including money … that you put before God in your life will become a snare. God MUST be first if you truly want to prosper.

With that said, however, I also believe that God wants us to prosper us and to BLESS us with ABUNDANCE.

This includes financial provision.

How We Make Money …

Our philosophy working online has always been to have MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

We have a variety of websites, most that focus on using PLR (Private Label Rights) products, affiliate marketing, publishing kindle books and promoting niche t-shirts on teespring.

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If you already have an online product, we’ve build a marketing site at http://godcenteredmarketing.com which can help you to get the word out about whatever other programs you’re doing.  You can join for free.

We hope that some of these resources will be helpful to you. We’ll also be sending you information on programs that we think you might be interested in for learning more about how to market online. In the meantime, we pray for God’s abundant blessings to you and your loved ones. God really IS good!

With Kind Regards,

Tim Wright

P.S. – If you would be interested in attending a live, interactive webinar please CLICK HERE to send me an email.

P.S.S. – Please post your comments and questions below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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49 thoughts on “God-Centered Wealth”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I love your story. I can relate to most of them especially putting God in front of everything. I am a senior and retired after 20+ years working for an international organization. With my kids all grown up and living their own lives I realize I can embark on a second career involving the internet.

    My routine is I spend my mornings, if possible, attending mass and doing all the chores and leave my afternoons for whatever stuff left undone. Now, God willing, IM will be part of my afternoon routine.

    So here I am still trying to succeed with all the help I can get, first from your program and others, because I have been burned

    The Holy Spirit guided me to this page because I was not aware of this. So I’ll try my very best to succeed.


    I spend my mornings attending mass and doing the chores

  2. I have been looking for something like this for awhile now, and I think it is great that you are giving the credit to GOD are Father, Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, and the wonderful greatness of the Holy Spirit. My problem is this how do you know who to trust, I have had you in my email folder for quite sometime, but I was not really sure about what you could do for me as a newbe, so I started doing what I thought would help me by going to these different, places, because they had the newest and greatest product, but every time I did, they said that they would help me, this did not happen, also I would load the product on my computer, after having to by this upgrade and that upgrade, literally sucking up most of my money, to find out the product had a glitch, so it ended up being useless to me. What is it that you have the will be any different, than what I have been exposed to over and over again?

  3. I look forward to finding out more about this. Putting God as the Center of anything is an excellent way to make sure it is not self or human centered.

  4. As a Christian your comments resonate with me. I basically know nothing about internet marketing I have been introduced to a few MLM programs which have been merely hype I like the tenor of your argument and would like to work with you. It was about two weeks ago I was in discussion with one of my church brothers and voiced some of the same views that you have articulated. I am sure that he also would love to be part of your program.

  5. Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your words in the video.

    I am sure that God has had a hand in me reading your e-mail this morning. Many times I have had the Bible lying in front of me on the table with the intention of starting the day as I have done this morning, but then I start up the computer and decide to have a quick look at the emails and before I know it, it is late afternoon when I eventually end up praying that day, if at all that is.

    But today, before I started up my computer this morning, I had told myself that I had to start my day with praying first and ask for God’s blessing and guidance for the day. Well so here you were, your head line “God Helps” staring at me in my mailbox. I really believe that finding your e-mail was God’s work. It is known that God works in mysterious ways and so He has proven this once again this morning.

    I have been trying to find a proper online business for a long time, but just like many others, fell a number of times for some “quick buck” programs and when I listned to your video I recognized everything you mentioned in it. I too would like to partner with someone who has God at the center of everything you do.


  6. God bless you, Maria. I pray that the Lord will abundantly bless you and your loved ones and that He will shower you with His favor and blessings!


  7. The presentation you made through the video. I have the same feeling you spoke on.

    I have experience in E-Commerce,available through the Internet. I have experienced the many lies that are told to fool people and robbed of their hard earned money.

    My goal is to help those unfamiliar with Internet business operations and to avoid rip off con people. You can view my sight to see my focus as an E-Commerce Consultant at http://smithglobaltrading.com.

    God Blessed me with the mind of an analyst, to look well every aspect of business. This was my occupation for a major American company.

    I await your information and any assistance I am able to provide.

  8. I am in agreement with you. I blessed that I opened the email you sent. Looking forward to working with you.

  9. hi Tim
    excellent idea putting God at the centre of our daily grind totally agree with your aims look forward to seeing what you offer
    have a nice weekend
    peter McGrath

  10. Thank you for the input on the video and look forward to dealing with some one who is honest for the first time ever on the internet after trying for 2 years to make an income -Thank you Robert

  11. I too am a christian and have been looking for a online co. that I could trust. I am 6o years old disabled but still need to make a living my fixed income does not allow me to keep up with my bills much less get ahead I have invested in the past over 3000 dollars on false promises so needless to say I am still gun shy but God makes things happen and this may be the help I have been praying for. I would be interested in your thoughts on the best route for my situation. thank you charles

  12. Hi Tim Great to see someone who has the fear of God and desires to put God centre. I’ve tried many internet scams etc and failed over the years earning nothing. I wrote an eBook titled ”How To Kiss Stress Goodbye Forever” and need your advice on how to proceed from there.
    Do I need to register it on clickbank to get it selling?
    How do I get affiliates to sign up and sell it on their list?
    I’ve created part of the eBook package for free download.
    Is this sensible as a means of build a list?
    I’m simply doing this to raise finds for the Church mission and Kids church programme that we run in England UK.
    The website is at http://www.stress-remedy.com
    I believe God sent you my way as answer to prayer.
    Please let me hear from you as to the way forward.
    Every blessing

  13. Hi Tony. Great to meet you. Ebooks don’t do as well on Clickbank as they used to. A couple of options, you could either take the content and create a series of videos (recording a PowerPoint presentation with JING or Camtasia) or you could publish your book on Amazon Kindle, which would give you a lot of exposure as well. Hope this helps. Blessings! – Tim

  14. Love your concept Tim… God should Always come first!! As a Christian I agree with everything you say… Love to work with like minded Christians like yourself and your Wife… looking forward in connecting.. God Bless Steve

  15. Everyday I pray for God’s blessings. Your words are are very encouraging. Putting God in the center of everything is the best to go.Working with spiritually centered people as yourself is really a miracle. Am interested in getting to and work with you. Thank you so very much.

  16. Hello there Christian warrior and not worrier :-)!!!

    I’m very happy to find people Online who really want to be and remain near God.

    That encourages and strengthens my faith and will to be following Jesus Christ.

    So what can we do to create more time for our and others worship and service Online and Offline too of course.

    I have some ideas! I hope that I will find people who are like minded here. Very happy to have found your site.

  17. Tim,
    Thanks for being that” light that could not be hid” Perhaps you can give the rest of us the courage to speak openly of our own faith.

    May God richly bless you and yours,


  18. Thanks so much for creating this. Great story. Definitely agree with you. I have been trying to make a steady income online for about six years. Even before I started, I always thought the IM world was a deceptive, end-justifies-the-means world.

    It’s been like looking for a needle in a hay stack to find something that is complete, moral, ethical and really works. Of the people who claim to be so ethical, I find their websites to contain marketing tactics that are deceptive just to make a sale.

    The general public has been bombarded with all kinds of nefarious marketing practices in all media. So can you really make a five figure income online using good, decent, moral and ethical means?

  19. Hi Tim! I’m happy I’ve landed this page in the internet. Reading the lines here, am too is a Christian, saved by grace by the Lord Jesus Christ that in Him alone we have salvation through His blood shed on the Cross of Calvary! I’ve been looking for a home based job on the internet but these are all junks indeed! They are all interested to rip-off your money and I am looking forward that this program of yours is really true of making money on line…

  20. I totally agree with all you have posted here.
    My wife & I also desire to put God first in all
    we do & say.
    I am so turned off to all the hype that turns out to
    be a blatant lie while they take my hard earned cash
    with out shame.
    We are in out 70’s and have raised a large family 7
    the economy took all we have worked for so I’m
    having to start over.
    But god is good & out trust & faith are in Him.

  21. As we believe that God does not want people to be poor, but rather it is Satan who loves to oppress people to keep them poor. Much has been blamed on God that belongs entirely to what Satan is doing. So there is indeed a Biblical way to start fighting back against poverty, but it is based upon giving and not upon getting. So if this business is about how we can help people to start to come out of poverty, then I am all for it. We need to give good tyeaching on how to break poverty. Poverty is a curse and not a blessing, but strangely also being rich for the wrong reasons can be an even greater curse. We need to be rich so that we can give and give and give again. So seriously contact me personally. We may be into something that can also help the vision of this program as well.

  22. Hi Tim, I’m Glad to have had the opportunity to view your promotional page. You’re very correct in your view about God being the center of all we do in our lives. I am not a “good Christian”, mainly because I have no faith in human kind. Long, and I’m sure boring story about that. That being as it may, I am very interested in seeing How someone who states he lives by the principals of God, actually honors God by practicing those principals.

  23. I really appreciate the emails and the fact that your keeping it real with your faith and love for God.. I agree with you on the scams and the untrust of the online marketing.. this needs to change it is ruining the internet reputations..
    Thanks again..

  24. Great presentation I agree 100 percent with you. too have god in the center of it and it will never fell.

  25. I agree whole heartedly in your statement of faith and wish you God’s best in your endeavors.

  26. My name is Rachelle Fogle. I love what I see on this site. I am trying to see how our other program can be integrated into this program.
    We are currently involved in another Christian-based program, where we save children (globally), who are victims of Hidden Hunger (which is the state of being adequately fed, yet malnourished, because of the lack of vitamins & minerals in their food). We supply water filters, and insecticide-impregnated anti-malaria bed-nets to children in developing countries. I am a World Changer. Our mission: Save Children. . Empower Families. . . Create a movement. Our CEO is Duncan Dodds, who left his CEO position @ Joel Osteen Ministries, because he saw the vision of what we do. . . ; DayStar TV communications has completely vetted our program, and put several million dollars into it. My husband & I, along with many other believers feel that God has led us to this, and we look forward to going “LIVE” around July 9th. We are still in pre-launch, with approximately 400 members World-wide, including many pastors. We are looking for other members, to help us get the word out, and to help us in this endeavor. There is no cost to join. Many pastors have joined with us. I would like further info, on how I can integrate our program into THIS program. Rachelle Fogle (rachellefogle@outlook.com); 318-450-5843

  27. Hey Tim, This such a refreshing change from all the online noise and pick pocket ventures out there.. I look forward to being a part of this great home based business resource and opportunity !!!

    Many Blessings to everyone that becomes a member and part of “God First” principles towards Spiritual>> financial >> Time >> freedom :)

  28. Can I advertise a product business that I am already in with this program June Mathison

  29. I have been attending th “Online School Of Hard Knocks: close to two years now. I must say this is the first time I have encountered a Christian website that puts God first and foremost, before and above anything else as our Heavenly Father should be. It Makes my heart smile. My faith is unshakable, I do not doubt anything of god and definitely do not put any limitations on him. Jesus said “with my father anything is possible. I just wish I could find some faith in myself. 1000’s of hours online and failing miserably, I hope this could be Gods answer to my prayers.

  30. Deuteronomy 8:18 ” Remember then, it is the Lord, your God, who gives you the power to acquire wealth”. God will lead us in all our activities and remember that He always love us “all the Time”.

  31. Hi Tim
    As you see my email address, you instantly know I like you serve a God who blesses those who in Matthew 6:33 put him first.
    Tim, as I speak I have been attempting to make money online for 7+ years.
    Yes, I am guilty of all the “shiny new objects” online.
    At first I thought that was necessary
    But Tim, 7 years is more than long enough.
    I am open to try what ever God’s children has to offer.
    See my cross ministry at 13discipletoday.blogspot.com
    In Christ-We are
    Blessings to you and your love ones
    Billy Scarberry

  32. I loved every word of it and will pass it around if you don’t mind just to people in my house hold???

  33. Tim:
    Reading your story was such a blessing to me. Not often that a
    person can be found on the internet that is interested in “putting
    go first”. I know he is anxious to take care of us if we are also
    willing to follow his commands in giving back to him. I am anxious
    to see where this can go.

  34. You sound like the type of person I can relate to. I have blessed this year beyond my wildest imagination . I will stay in contact with you for the purpose of sharing ideas,principals, and techniques. May you and yours have a very blessed day.

  35. I love the Word of God, that’s the only way to live, and Jesus want us to spread the Gospel to all, I believe God-Centered Wealth is leading the way and am proud to be part of this worthy course

  36. Dear Tim, I’m a 76 yrs young Christian Evangelical w/ English as my 2nd language.. I’ve been trying to be in business by myself since 2004, I’ve been also burned so many times w/ expensive programs that I’m even afraid of my fellow Christian Bros., entice for his offers one of them for $465..
    I’ll be soon hit w/ a bill for over 8K(20%) due to my recent surgery, the removal of my gall bladder and by Aug 11th another endoscopy to repair my bile duct which had an obstruction due to the infection.. I still say THANKS GOD for 76 yrs of great health.. Is hard sometimes for me to understand concepts, instructions, computer’s jargon, etc.. I’ll be studying around your web sites and I hope that you or/and your organization can help me..
    GOD Bless you, your family and all the people joining your business..

  37. Hi Tim
    will love to work with you .Am a Christian too.Been looking for an honest IM community with God at the center because I know when people of the same belief and faith come together as one in all things with Christ at the center our business will be blessed. thank you for taking up the courage to setup this community God bless you more

  38. Hi Tim,
    It is with great joy in my heart and gratitude to God that I greet this website of yours. I have been in this business for sometime now but have not really made any good money doing this. All along I have asked myself one question which your site has given an answer to. At a point I was beginning to think this a business of only rip-offs, where honesty has lost its meaning. Today I am happy to meet some one who thinks the same way as me.
    I am a born again christian belonging to a living church (pentecostal) that is a frontliner in the preaching of the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Just like you mentioned, I hvae lost so much trying to make some extra earnings online but the further I go the more I am sucked. Your video and your blog have given me a sigh of relief. Y ou can be sure I am one of your candidates while I look forward to learning from you what I cuould not learn with those scammers all over the net.

  39. Thank you, Raymond. I am praying for ways to help. Like you, I have been ripped off way too many times, but know that there are good and honest people who can make this kind of business work. The key is finding ways to bring real value and offer people products and services that they need. Lisa and I will be praying for your business as well. Happy to meet you. Blessings, Tim

  40. Great platform indeed! Very recently I had in my mind a similar idea–Why not have a website or a platform that can generate wealth on the basis of your good karmas (called “punya” in Indian culture). The platform should be a Spiritual bank paying on the basis of one’s good karmas (punya) helping other people or nature in some or the other way. This website seems to be a step in that direction. Congratulations. I would certainly like to be a part of this. God Bless.

  41. I feel so blessed to ‘run into’ your website. Here, I believe, is a place where my soul can rest easy with online business. It doesn’t matter how many counterfeits/cheats abound in this industry, it is encouraging to know we can still find the genuine product.
    I look forward to a rewarding experience with you.
    God bless you.

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